Isaura: 3 (Aberrant)

Isaura - Ruth  Silver From the moment, and I mean THE MOMENT Isaura started, there was not a dull moment. So much was jam-packed into this novel. It went from problem solved to problem and then backed to solved about 300 times. I was on the edge of my proverbial seat the entire time I read it. Which was only a couple of hours, because I was so engrossed and simply had to finish the book and see what happened to everyone.

So, the end of Moirai ended with a HUGE cliffhanger, and I was desperate to get my hands on Isaura immediately after I finished its predecessor. Not only because of the awesome cliffhangery ending; but because the Aberrant trilogy has been one of my favourite series of the year. A more unique dystopian than I have ever come across before, the Aberrant trilogy is not one to be forgotten.

One aspect of Isaura that I really enjoyed was the introduction of new characters, and new settings. Ruth seems to have an art of introducing new characters with each book, and make every read an interesting one. I especially loved the addition of Henry. I thought he was a character that brought flair and substance to the story, but without taking it over. I would have absolutely loved to have learned more about him.

Isaura was a was an amazing villain, with just the right amount of 'oh so evil', but 'does good things, too'. It's hard to explain without giving the entire plot away, so I guess I will just say that keep a close eye on that woman.

In regards to settings, I have this really clear picture of Spade in my mind, and I hope it’s what Ruth imagined it to be. In my mind it’s this kind of throwback to the medieval times, with black cobblestones, and high walls. I would definitely visit that place, even amongst all the revolutionary action!

I would have loved the pacing of some parts of the novel to be slower, so that, as a reader, I could have really immersed myself in what Olivia was going through, and thinking. This novel was such an epic journey for her, and I would have loved to be with her the entire way, even in the lesser eventful parts. She’s such an awesome person, and her character voice is intriguing. I would have happily read a novel twice as long just to read more of her thoughts on everything that had happened!

I am still in love with Joshua. Although there was a kiss that was alluded to, but Olivia never brought it up with him, and now I am left wondering if it happened. Josh is supposed to be the perfect book boyfriend. I cannot handle this heartache! Nevertheless, even if it was true, my heart still belongs with him. He’s so extremely supportive, and optimistic, and just generally all ‘round amazing. I am still holding out for Joshua snippets. Maybe one day!

The magic element was topped up a notch in Isaura, and I really liked the new additions! Again, not wanting to ruin anything, but I love the incorporation of classic dystopian and fantasy/sci-fi themes in the Aberrant books. It makes them very unique, and refreshing to read.

I liked how resolving the end was. I wasn’t left wondering, but it wasn’t ‘and they lived happily ever after’ uber cheese, either. It was just the kind of ending I love. I really hate being left dissatisfied with series endings, but the ending of the Aberrant trilogy truly does the series justice.

Since Isaura is an action-packed and adventurous climax to a wonderful series, I will not say any more except that Ruth has written an amazing dystopian series that I highly recommend!

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